Wine knowledge essentials

55m 19s

12 Lessons

Wine is one of our oldest inventions, dating back as early as 7000BC. This wonderful drink has played an important role throughout human history, not just because of its delicious taste or alcohol content, but as part of religious and cultural practices too.

With such a rich history steeped in ancient traditions, not to mention the number of laws relating to its production, wine can seem a pretty daunting topic for a beginner – which is why we’ve got the experts here to help!

This beloved ancient beverage is such a prominent part of everyday life. Sharpening up your wine knowledge is incredibly rewarding as a way to add a little background to the liquid in your glass, and particularly helpful as a way to boost your customer service game in the hospitality industry.

Learn how to make great wine recommendations, pair different varieties with food, and understand the processes that turn crushed grapes into something truly special.


By the end of this online wine course with sommelier Kristene King Thrall, you will be an expert on:

  • How wine is made
  • How the wine fermentation process works
  • The role of oak in winemaking
  • Old world vs new world wine
  • The effect of climate on wine production
  • What tannins are and why they matter
  • What phylloxera is and how it impacts winemaking
  • How sparkling wine is made
  • The most common red, white and sparkling wines
  • The most helpful wine apps, books and podcasts to help you excel

Servers and bartenders, it’s time to release your inner somm! Sharpen up your service skills and up your wine game with help from the world’s best.