How wine is made

Kristene King Thrall

5m 42s


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We’ve been making wine for thousands of years, with the earliest records of this widely loved drink appearing as early as 7000BC.

While the process of making wine may not seem all that complicated, there are many factors winemakers must consider to create a fine drop – everything from the weather to the laws to the costs involved. It’s definitely not as simple as just crushing grapes!

In this lesson, sommelier Kristene King Thrall explains step-by-step how wine is made.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How grapes are harvested for winemaking
  • How grapes are crushed for red and white winemaking
  • How the process of fermentation works
  • The different ways that wine can be aged

Servers and bartenders, bring out your inner somm with help from the experts!


Kristene King Thrall


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