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Oak is a wondrous wood that is used by winemakers to impart flavor, color, tannins and texture to the wine as it ages and readies itself to be drunk and enjoyed. Oak plays a very important role in the winemaking process thanks to its chemical properties, which can impart diverse flavors ranging from coconut to dill!

In this lesson, sommelier Kristene King Thrall explains the role of oak in winemaking.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • Why oak is used for wine barrels
  • The differences between French, American and Eastern European oak
  • What oak staves are and how they are used
  • How different oak types impart flavors

Servers and bartenders, bring out your inner somm with help from the experts!


Kristene King Thrall

Kristene King Thrall is a sommelier and Director of Training at Louie’s Wine Dive in Kansas City. As a wine educator, she is passionate about introducing diners to new and exciting brands.

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