Wine 101 for servers

28m 24s

7 Lessons

Mastering wine service is one of the most important and valuable skills a server can possess.

The ability to perform tableside wine service with confidence is a guaranteed way to display your professionalism and your knowledge of the different aspects of the hospitality industry.

It’s also an unavoidable aspect of the job – everyone loves wine, so you’re going to need to brush up on your basic wine knowledge sooner or later, whether you work in fine or casual dining, or in a bar.

Sommelier and wine educator Kristene King Thrall is here to help you take your service game to the next level. In this online wine course, she helps you learn more about this ancient, beloved drink while teaching you the skills you’ll need to perform effortless wine service at the tableside.


By the end of this course you’ll have your Wine 101 training completed and be able to handle these aspects like a pro:

  • How to correctly open a bottle and serve wine in a restaurant
  • How to hold a wine glass correctly
  • How to polish a wine glass correctly
  • How to decant wine correctly
  • How to taste wine like a pro
  • How to tell if wine is bad (and if it can be fixed)
  • The ideal wine serving temperatures for different varieties

Let’s face it, wine can be an absolute challenge. There is the immense variety that you’ll need to become familiar with ("What’s the difference between a Sangiovese and a Shiraz?" I hear you ask. "And what’s the deal with Rosé?" someone shouts in the background).

There is also the unique wine vocabulary laden with difficult pronunciations (how’s your French?). Then there is the long history and etiquette to consider too...

It’s no wonder wine can seem a pretty daunting and intimidating topic for a beginner!

Servers, it’s time to master the hospitality skills you need for today’s world! Up your wine game with Kristene King Thrall, director of training at Louie’s Wine Dive in Kansas City.