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Getting wine service etiquette down pat can be intimidating. When you're serving wine tableside it can be tricky enough making suggestions with confidence and pronouncing the names correctly! But learning how to serve wine in front of guests is an essential part of service - and often unavoidable, especially in fine dining.

Mastering this aspect of service will let you approach every table with poise, and equip you with an invaluable skill for your hospitality career.

In this lesson, sommelier and wine educator Kristene King Thrall shows you how to serve wine in a restaurant like a pro.

What you'll learn in the How to open and serve a bottle of wine lesson

  • How to take a wine order correctly
  • How to prepare a bottle of wine for tableside service
  • How to open and serve a corked bottle of wine
  • How to open and serve a bottle of wine with a screw top

Who the Wine 101 for servers course is for

Servers and bartenders, take this online course to up your wine service game with tips from our star instructors!


Kristene King Thrall

Kristene King Thrall is a sommelier and Director of Training at Louieā€™s Wine Dive in Kansas City. As a wine educator, she is passionate about introducing diners to new and exciting brands.

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