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An incredibly important element of professional wine service is the ability to identify if the wine you’re about to pour is at its ideal serving temperature.

Much like you wouldn’t serve a coffee that might burn someone’s tongue or (even worse) a lukewarm beer, you don’t want to serve room temperature champagne or an icy shiraz. Getting the serving temperature right means that your guests will enjoy the wine in its finest form and get the most from its wonderful flavors and aromas.

Sommelier and wine educator Kristene King Thrall explains the ideal wine serving temperatures for different varieties.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The ideal serving temperatures for sparkling, red, white and rosé wines
  • How to quickly bring wine bottles to their desired serving temperatures

Servers and bartenders, ace your wine service with an expert!


Kristene King Thrall

Kristene King Thrall is a sommelier and Director of Training at Louie’s Wine Dive in Kansas City. As a wine educator, she is passionate about introducing diners to new and exciting brands.

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