Training fundamentals

46m 36s

13 Lessons

Whether you’re working in a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel or any other part of the hospitality industry, training your staff is one of the most important things you can do in your business. This is especially true as younger generations hit the workforce, with 87% of them stating that training and development are crucial to them in a job.

In this course, co-founder and CEO of Wilcuma, Nicolas Simon, will teach you key skills and techniques that will help you create and deliver engaging training content to your team.


  • The importance of effective training for hospitality businesses
  • How to plan and structure your training to get the best results
  • How different people learn
  • How to effectively train others
  • How to make your training and delivery engaging
  • How to structure and plan an effective staff induction
  • How to run an effective staff induction
  • How to train groups of staff

This course is perfect for hospitality supervisors and managers looking at strengthening their staff training skills.