Recruitment and onboarding

46m 14s

13 Lessons


Have you ever worked with someone who doesn’t want to be there? Or hired someone who wasn’t quite up to the job and witnessed its effect on morale and the bottom line? As a leader you need to know how to build teams through careful selection, mentoring, and setting expectations.

In this course, Mike Hewitt, the founder and operator of One Haus recruitment, will share an overview of recruitment, selection, and onboarding. You’ll explore the Human Resources Management Tools to recruit the right people based on business and cultural needs, followed by how to onboard your new recruits to promote commitment and engagement so that you can best retain your team.


  • Some of the common concerns that can make recruiting hospitality staff challenging
  • How to plan ahead for staffing needs and why doing this is important
  • How to write a job description 
  • Understand that the way you recruit is a reflection of your business culture/brand
  • Know the different ways to find candidates (including looking internally), and how to choose the right avenue
  • How to write a job advertisement
  • The difference between recruiting based on skill vs cultural fit, and the key advantages and disadvantages of both  
  • Basic interview questioning techniques
  • Understand the role of ethics and legalities in selecting candidates and what it means to be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • How to make an offer and reject a candidate
  • The key dos and don'ts of onboarding
  • How to create a great onboarding experience

This course is perfect for hospitality managers and anyone involved with the recruiting and onboarding process.