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Company culture plays a big role in your recruitment efforts - it's your chance to promote your company as an attractive place to work. In this lesson, Mike Hewitt highlights how the recruitment process reflects on your company brand and how highlighting company benefits will attract more candidates.

What you'll learn in the Recruitment and company culture lesson

  • That recruitment is a two sided thing - candidates are also making judgements on you and whether they want to work for you
  • That the way you recruit is a reflection of your business culture/brand 
  • How to build your business brand/culture into different stages of the recruitment process

Who the Recruitment and onboarding course is for

This online course is perfect for hospitality managers and anyone involved with the recruiting and onboarding process.


Mike Hewitt
Mike Hewitt is the founder and operator of One Haus, a premier hospitality recruitment firm based in New York City.
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