Infection cleaning principles for hotels

25m 16s

7 Lessons


Did you know that fingers contaminated with norovirus can transfer viruses to up to seven clean surfaces? Invisible and stealthy, viruses can stay on surfaces or in water for several weeks and possibly months. That’s why cleaning plays a critical role in reducing the spread of diseases and viruses, but also in preventing cross-contamination with cleaning tools and equipment.

In this course, Nina Fairweather, health and safety consultant in the hospitality industry, takes you through the principles of infection cleaning for hotels. By the end of this course, you’ll have a clear understanding on how to reduce the risks of exposure to infectious diseases, how to break the chain of infection, and how to use chemicals safely to avoid cross-contamination, including when and how to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


  • The common infections in a hotel
  • The chain of infection and what it means
  • How to identify where and for how long viruses live
  • The hotspots for viruses in a hotel
  • How cleaning can break the chain of infection
  • Understand what are the implications if PPE isn’t used properly
  • How to maintain personal hygiene
  • How to dispose of PPE
  • Tips to avoid cross-contamination during cleaning
  • Understand what chemicals to use for virus infection

This course is ideal for hotel staff members who clean any area in a hotel and for hotel managers to raise awareness of infection cleaning principles in their venue.