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From disinfecting door handles to thoroughly clean hotel surfaces, cleaning plays a crucial role in reducing the spread of viruses and avoiding cross-contamination.

In this lesson, Nina Fairweather defines the concept of infection and pathogenic microorganisms, shares with you the most common infections found in a hotel, and introduces you to the chain of infection and the role you play in cleaning for infection control.

What you'll learn in The importance of cleaning for infection control lesson

  • The definition of infection and pathogenic microorganisms
  • The common infections found in a hotel
  • The role you play to control infections

Who the Infection cleaning principles for hotels course is for

This online course is ideal for hotel staff members who clean any area in a hotel and for hotel managers to raise awareness of infection cleaning principles in their venue.


Nina Fairweather

Nina Fairweather is a consultant for health and safety in the hospitality industry and Director on the board of Women in Hospitality.

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