Butler fundamentals

42m 35s

12 Lessons


Think the butlers of today are like the ones you see on TV shows like Downton Abbey or in movies like Batman? Think again! Today, butlers are highly skilled as both assistants and managers. They work in private homes, resorts, consulting, and hotels, and what upholds this role is the desire to provide excellent service in the modern world.

In this course, Julius Smith, English Butler and house manager, will take you on a journey through the history and traditions of a butler. You’ll learn about etiquette and communication, how to set tables and serve meals, plus the requirements for managing and serving a household.


  • What a Butler is
  • The butler’s mindset
  • How to carry out Executive Assistant duties for the guest
  • The importance and what is considered etiquette
  • The importance of discretion
  • The importance of behavior when off duty
  • The variety of relationships that build your team
  • The importance of good communication with guests
  • How to greet and farewell guests
  • Problem resolution and handling situations
  • How to set up your butler pantry
  • How to lay a table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • How to set up a bar and buffet table
  • The three styles of service
  • How to give a wakeup call and serve a breakfast tray
  • How to prepare and serve afternoon tea
  • How to serve champagne, wine, and beverages with standard and elegance
  • How to pack and unpack a guest’s suitcase
  • How to layout clothes for a guest

This course is aimed at new and aspiring butlers and service staff required to perform butler duties.