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Imagine saving up for that one vacation all year - looking forward to a much-needed break. But then you arrive at your hotel, and the room is sweltering. You turn on the TV, but it's not working. The shower drain is clogged, and the electrical outlets don't work... pretty much a nightmare vacation. You'd be furious! This is where preventative maintenance comes in.

In this online lesson about preventative maintenance, Nick Lawniczak will explain the responsibilities and purpose of preventative maintenance in hotels. You'll also explore the impact that effective preventative maintenance can have on your guests and your hotel.

What you'll learn in The need for preventative maintenance lesson

  • The importance of preventative maintenance in ensuring a safe, exceptional experience for guests and staff members in hotels to avoid unexpected downtime and prevent negative impacts on their revenue and reputation
  • How your role is crucial in keeping the hotel running smoothly and providing a high-quality experience for guests

Who the Preventative maintenance principles course is for

The Preventative maintenance principles online course is aimed at hotel maintenance staff and property asset employees.


Nick Lawniczak

Nicholas Lawniczak, an accomplished REWS/FM professional with over a decade of experience, began from the ground up, progressing from fixing leaks and unclogging toilets to managing 1 billion square feet of facilities and billions of dollars' worth of assets.

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