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Ever fixed a piece of equipment in your venue as part of your maintenance checks only for it to need replacing soon after? Your initial efforts can seem wasted and you may feel annoyed at the time that was wasted. In this online lesson about maintaining or replacing equipment, Nick Lawniczak will explain how you can make informed decisions about maintaining or replacing equipment and avoid wasted efforts.

What you'll learn in the Deciding to maintain or replace equipment lesson

  • How to make decisions regarding the maintenance of equipment by understanding maintenance goals, gathering equipment information, and considering factors such as the condition of the equipment and its expected lifespan
  • How to make decisions regarding whether to maintain or replace equipment by considering factors such as cost, efficiency, expected lifespan, and impact on guest experience.
  • How to create and follow a proactive equipment maintenance schedule based on manufacturer instructions and the specific usage demands of their hotel.

Who the Preventative maintenance principles course is for

The Preventative maintenance principles online course is aimed at hotel maintenance staff and property asset employees.


Nick Lawniczak

Nicholas Lawniczak, an accomplished REWS/FM professional with over a decade of experience, began from the ground up, progressing from fixing leaks and unclogging toilets to managing 1 billion square feet of facilities and billions of dollars' worth of assets.

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