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Did you know that wearing Personal Protective Equipment can greatly lower the risk of workplace injuries and that using it correctly can prevent 37.6% of occupational injuries? In this online lesson about promoting maintenance safety, Nick Lawniczak will explain how to prioritize your safety before conducting preventative maintenance tasks.

What you'll learn in the Promoting maintenance safety lesson

  • How and why you should wear appropriate PPE for different tasks
  • How to assess the risk level of a task
  • The importance of allocating sufficient time for each task to ensure safety precautions are followed without rushing

Who the Preventative maintenance principles course is for

The Preventative maintenance principles online course is aimed at hotel maintenance staff and property asset employees.


Nick Lawniczak

Nicholas Lawniczak, an accomplished REWS/FM professional with over a decade of experience, began from the ground up, progressing from fixing leaks and unclogging toilets to managing 1 billion square feet of facilities and billions of dollars' worth of assets.

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