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Content warning: This lesson contains adult content, including themes of violence and abuse.

To be able to keep yourself, your colleagues, and your guests safe from human trafficking activity, you need to have a clear policy in place. A strong human trafficking policy has four parts: preparation, prevention, pursuing, and protecting. In this online lesson, Preventing human trafficking, Phil Brewer will explain the prevention part of a human trafficking policy.

What you'll learn in the Preventing human trafficking lesson

  • What the prevention part of a Human Trafficking Prevention policy will cover
  • Important steps to create and implement prevention of Human Trafficking
  • The role each employee can play in a prevention policy

Who the Human trafficking awareness and prevention course is for

The Human trafficking awareness and prevention online course is aimed at hospitality professionals in any role and all levels of experience.


Phil Brewer

Phil Brewer is a specialist advisor on modern slavery for an organization called the Human Trafficking Foundation.

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