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Content warning: This lesson contains adult content, including themes of violence and abuse.

Human Trafficking is often described as a hidden crime, but every year it generates enormous amounts of revenue around the world. In this online lesson, Introducing human trafficking, Phil Brewer will help you begin to explore the complex factors that lead to human trafficking. You will learn what human trafficking means, as well as some statistics about human trafficking around the world.

What you'll learn in the Introducing human trafficking lesson

  • The definition of modern slavery and human trafficking
  • The global impact of human trafficking
  • The variety of factors that make trafficking so difficult to prevent and prosecute

Who the Human trafficking awareness and prevention course is for

The Human trafficking awareness and prevention online course is aimed at hospitality professionals in any role and all levels of experience.


Phil Brewer

Phil Brewer is a specialist advisor on modern slavery for an organization called the Human Trafficking Foundation.

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