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Content warning: This lesson contains adult content, including themes of violence and abuse.

When we hear the word 'bias', the first thing we usually think of is social bias - like stereotypes or prejudice. But social bias is actually only one type of bias. So in this online lesson, Challenging your biases, Phil Brewer will show you how you can recognize and challenge a range of biases to help you identify human trafficking more effectively.

What you'll learn in the Challenging your biases lesson

  • What bias means
  • How biases can influence our decisions and actions
  • How to identify and challenge your biases

Who the Human trafficking awareness and prevention course is for

The Human trafficking awareness and prevention online course is aimed at hospitality professionals in any role and all levels of experience.


Phil Brewer

Phil Brewer is a specialist advisor on modern slavery for an organization called the Human Trafficking Foundation.

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