WHS - Personal protective equipment

12m 27s

7 Lessons

The hospitality industry is a fast-paced environment which means that hazards can pop up throughout your shift. From chemicals and heat to moving vehicles and noise, you may have to work with or around these hazards at any moment. That’s why understanding how to keep yourself safe and knowing which equipment will help protect you while you complete your tasks is paramount to safety at your workplace.

In this Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) course, Luke Croston, a leading chef who creates custom food solutions for clients such as Retail Zoo and former Group General Manager of Food Operations at Made Establishment, will help you learn the importance of personal protective equipment.


  • Welcome - WHS - Personal protective equipment
  • What is personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • When to use personal protective equipment
  • Using personal protective equipment correctly
  • Responsibilities - personal protective equipment
  • Looking after your personal protective equipment
  • Conclusion - Personal protective equipment

This course is essential for anyone who works in an environment where hazards can pose a risk.