Vodka basics

25m 5s

7 Lessons

Vodka is not only the oldest of the distilled beverages but the most widely consumed too! It is the national drink of Russia, Poland and Finland and is distilled in every corner of the globe.

But despite its massive popularity, vodka is still one of the most misunderstood spirits, plagued by misconceptions that have prevented many from appreciating its subtleties and intricacies.

As one of the top vodka experts in California, Monique Farah works across industries sharing her knowledge of and passion for vodka, as a writer, consultant and mixologist.

In this course, she shares her expertise to help you master the vodka basics so you can give your customers star service with confident and informed vodka recommendations – whether they’re drinking it straight up or as a base for cocktails.


  • A short history of vodka
  • How to taste vodka and talk about its flavor
  • How to make vodka recommendations to customers
  • How to make vodka infusions
  • The top vodka brands you need to be familiar with
  • Emerging and craft vodka brands to pay attention to
  • The different brands of vodka made globally and how they differ

In 1962, James Bond revolutionized the traditionally gin-based Martini when he ordered it "shaken, not stirred" with vodka. As 007’s drink of choice, it’s no surprise that vodka has maintained its relevance from these early days into our contemporary times.

As bartenders around the world are now bringing vodka back to the forefront of cocktail culture, there’s never been a better time to learn more about this spirit.

Servers and bartenders, brush up on your vodka basics with tips from the pros!