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One of the surefire ways to win over your customers and get that tip jar overflowing is to make great recommendations. This is especially true when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

Most people stick to what they know when ordering drinks in a restaurant or bar, so if you can use your knowledge to introduce customers to drinks you’re sure they’ll love, it’s a guaranteed winner!

In this lesson, vodka expert Monique Farah shares her industry know-how to help you make vodka recommendations with confidence.

What you'll learn in the How to recommend vodka to customers lesson

  • The differences between corn, wheat, potato and rye vodkas
  • How to make the best vodka recommendations for mixed drinks
  • How to recommend vodka to customers who prefer to drink it neat

Who the Vodka basics course is for

This online course is for Servers and bartenders, brush up on your vodka basics with tips from the pros!


Monique Farah

Vodka expert Monique Farah is a prolific writer who also works as a consultant for vodka companies and restaurants.

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