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While vodka and Russia are almost synonymous, this wonderful spirit is actually the national drink of not only Russia, but Poland and Finland as well. These countries are part of the Vodka Belt, which also includes Ukraine and Belarus alongside most of the Nordic and Baltic states.

But vodka is made all around the world, in places far from the Vodka Belt - from the warm, tropical beaches of Hawaii to the tiny Australian island state of Tasmania, and everywhere in between!

In this lesson, vodka expert Monique Farah takes you on a global vodka tour to showcase some of her favorite varieties made in different countries.

What you'll learn in the A guide to global vodka brands lesson

  • What you need to know about some of the different brands of vodka made around the world - Russian Standard, Karlsson's Gold, Ocean Vodka, 666 and Żubrówka, with its famous stem of Bison Grass in the bottle
  • The best ways to serve and enjoy these brands

Who the Vodka basics course is for

This online course is for Servers and bartenders, brush up on your vodka basics with tips from the pros!


Monique Farah

Vodka expert Monique Farah is a prolific writer who also works as a consultant for vodka companies and restaurants.

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