Rostering management

41m 26s

11 Lessons

A roster is a key running sheet for any business - it ensures your whole team knows exactly when and where they are needed on any given day. Getting your rosters right can have a significant impact on your venue and furthermore position you as a manager who’s capable of thinking about the overall business success, not just someone focused on operational tasks.

In this course, Founder and Managing Director of Roster Right, Lisa Spiden, will take you through what to consider when doing your rosters to help with your business's success.


  • Why rosters are an important tool in a business
  • What a good roster consists of
  • How small changes to a roster can be costly over time
  • What a base roster is and how to use it
  • Why coverage should be considered before designing your roster
  • How business rules can impact rostering decisions
  • Why being compliant is important
  • Tools to help with rostering

This course is perfect for hospitality supervisors and managers looking at strengthening their rostering management.