Mise en place

20m 3s

6 Lessons

It may look and sound strange but mise en place is anything but. This old French culinary term translates as ‘everything in its place’, meaning no messy workstations and no stress over missing ingredients. We couldn’t think of anything worse than being halfway through service and realizing that one of your key ingredients or tools is missing!

In this course, Alastair McLeod, owner of Al’FreshCo, will teach you about mise en place, a sort of culinary checklist. It’s a way of ensuring you have absolutely everything you need, ready to go before service starts. That means having your ingredients measured and prepared, assembling pots and pans, organizing plates and serving pieces, heating ovens and making sure all necessary equipment is ready to go.

Learn how to keep your kitchen from turning into hell’s kitchen with Alastair as he teaches you the effective use of mise en place and shows you how beneficial an organized workstation can be.

• What is mise en place and why is it important
• How to write a mise en place plan
• How to keep your workstation tidy during mise en place
• How to work effectively during mise en place
• How to communicate with your team during mise en place
• How to organize your station ready for service

Whether you’re in need of a full workstation makeover or want to become a successful chef, this course will teach you how to go from mess to less in no time.