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Pronounced 'meez-ahn-plahs', this French culinary term means having your workstation organized and ready to go before service starts. Anything from ingredients, to utensils and plates, will be arranged so you can find what you need when you need it without suffering from a kitchen meltdown.

Experienced chefs swear by it because they know there is no time to prepare things halfway through service. Mise en place also gives you a chance to check your recipe, find missing ingredients and ask your Head Chef questions. It's all about proper planning and working in an effective way to get your plates out to customers quicker and easier.

Master the art of kitchen organization with Alastair McLeod as he leads you in the art of mise en place.

Who the Mise en place course is for

Whether you're in need of a full workstation makeover or want to become a successful chef, this online course will teach you how to go from mess to less in no time.


Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod is an Australian chef and TV personality who recently founded a catering business with its own product line.

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