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Everyone is prepped and you’re almost ready for the first docket to come into the kitchen. Now you just need to have everything in order. Start by making sure the tools and ingredients you need are ready and set out clearly to avoid confusion when things get busy.

Like your knives to be in a specific order? Get them ready! Found some coriander on your bench that you don’t need? Remove it! Keeping your workspace compact means, you won’t need to wander off during service. It also means that everything is within reach for when you need it.

Master the art of kitchen organization with Alastair McLeod as he leads you in the art of mise en place.

Learn kitchen tips and tricks from the pros with this beginner course for up and coming chefs.


Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod is an Australian chef and TV personality who recently founded a catering business with its own product line.

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