Classic whiskey cocktails

11m 14s

6 Lessons

With so many different drinks out there, no one expects a bartender to be able to whip up every cocktail a customer orders without consulting recipes. But knowing the classics will set you apart from other bartenders and demonstrate your dedication to your profession.

In this online hospitality course, Dustin Haarstad, beverage director of the acclaimed whiskey bar Canon, shows you how to make and serve the most famous of the classic whiskey cocktails – a skill every bartender should have under their belt.


  • How to make an Old Fashioned
  • How to make a Manhattan
  • How to make a Sazerac
  • How to make a Highball
  • How to make a Remember the Maine
  • How to make a Whiskey Sour

This course is perfect for beginner bartenders and servers looking to up their mixology skills!