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Now we’re on to the main event - washing and drying. But much like the pre-wash, you won’t get away with throwing everything into one big batch. In this lesson, Juliana Kyalo explains the correct process for washing, drying, and caring for linens in a commercial laundry.

What you'll learn in the Washing and drying operations lesson

  • How washing and drying fit into the laundry cycle
  • The steps involved in washing laundry in a hotel environment
  • Top tips for drying laundry in a hotel environment

Who the Laundry operations course is for

This online course is aimed at new and aspiring hotel laundry attendants looking to get ahead in the world of hotel laundry operations.


Dr. Juliana Kyalo

Dr Juliana Kyalo is a certified hospitality educator with a passion for guiding future entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

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