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WARNING: THIS LESSON CONTAINS REFERENCES SOME VIEWERS MAY FIND DISTRESSING. These include references to terrorism, violence, weapons, and suicide. If you need support at any time, please contact a colleague, manager, or find a phone or online helpline near you. 

Think about a time you, and perhaps a loved one, decided to go out to eat at a restaurant, or perhaps you’ve gone to a concert, or a football game? If you've visited any one of these venues, you've stepped foot into what we call a ‘soft target’. In this lesson, Todd McGhee explains the concept of soft targets and the different types of possible threats.

What you'll learn in the Violent extremism trends lesson

  • The term ‘soft target’ 
  • What a soft target is in the context of your workplace
  • The types of possible threats you might face

Who the Active shooter preparedness course is for

This online course is aimed at front of house and operations employees.


Todd McGhee

Todd McGhee is an international speaker on counter-terrorism and violent extremism.

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