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So you’ve put in the hard work, used your best strategies for making a great impression… and it’s paid off! You’ve been offered a job. But the journey is only just beginning. In this lesson, Lauren Wan helps you explore what happens next, and how to start your new job on a positive note.

What you will learn in the Starting a new job lesson

  • How to respond to a job offer
  • What to expect when starting a new job
  • Strategies for using self-reflection as feedback to help you discover opportunities for professional development

Who the Job finding skills for hospitality course is for

This online course is aimed at job seekers in the hospitality industry. 


Lauren Wan

Lauren Wan is a learning and culture consultant, business development manager, and founder of Passionate Hospitality. She has a passion for working with people, and helping hospitality newcomers find their feet in the industry.

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