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You’ve prepared a fantastic resume that highlights your professional qualities, written an attention-grabbing cover letter, and your work has paid off - you’ve made it to the next round, and been offered an interview! This is your chance to shine, so how can you make sure you ace this part of the process? In this lesson, Lauren Wan will guide you through what a job interview entails, and the best ways to prepare.

What you will learn in the Preparing for job interviews lesson

  • Three common interview styles
  • Top tips for preparing for a job interview
  • How to practice good interview etiquette

Who the Job finding skills for hospitality course is for

This online course is aimed at job seekers in the hospitality industry. 


Lauren Wan

Lauren Wan is a learning and culture consultant, business development manager, and founder of Passionate Hospitality. She has a passion for working with people, and helping hospitality newcomers find their feet in the industry.

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