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Job finding is a pretty vulnerable situation, and it’s easy to end up feeling like you don’t have much control over your career. But the fact is, you have a lot of influence over your own employment journey - and the more you recognize that, the more powerful you become as a job seeker. In this lesson, Lauren Wan guides you through steps you can take to influence your own employment journey.

What you will learn in the Owning your hospitality journey lesson

  • Follow two key steps to explore your hospitality journey
  • How to apply those steps to job seeking

Who the Job finding skills for hospitality course is for

This online course is aimed at job seekers in the hospitality industry. 


Lauren Wan

Lauren Wan is a learning and culture consultant, business development manager, and founder of Passionate Hospitality. She has a passion for working with people, and helping hospitality newcomers find their feet in the industry.

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