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What does it take to develop clear financial targets for your business? To ensure you’ve got a solid handle on your incomings and outgoings? To be able to plan for the future, and manage crises? That’s right - your budget! In this lesson, Olga Sommer explains how you can tackle all this and more with a well-crafted budget for your business. 

What you'll learn in the Developing budgets for business lesson

  • Why budgeting is so important
  • The four essential features of a budget 
  • How to prepare a budget
  • Tips to help you predict income and calculate expenses

Who the Cash flow management course is for

This online course is aimed at new and aspiring managerial staff looking for ways to optimize their business’ cash flow management.


Olga Sommer

Olga Sommer is the Director of Revenue for Nobu Hotel London.

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