Monique Farah

Monique Farah

Vodka expert

Monique Farah is one of the top vodka experts in California. She works as a consultant for restaurants and vodka companies, conducts tastings at events, and has worked as a mixologist for several publications.

It was while working as a server at Nic’s Martini Lounge and Restaurant in Beverly Hills that Monique developed a passion for vodka. The venue housed a walk-in vodka exhibition freezer, The Vodbox, in which vodka tastings were conducted for customers draped in faux fur coats and hats.

Monique was a vodka ambassador at Nic’s for seven years. During this time she had the opportunity to meet major distillers and distributors in the industry, from Tito’s of Texas to Jewel of Russia!

Monique works in the film industry as a writer and documentarian and has made regular TV and digital appearances to share her vodka expertise. She has been featured on Hell’s Kitchen, Words, Wine and Women and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Her writing has also been featured in a range of publications, including Chilled, The Tasting Panel, The Divine Addiction and Alcoholmanac.

Vodka is the oldest and most consumed spirit in the world and Monique’s course will give you a better understanding of it while improving your mixology and customer service skills with tips on mixing, infusing and pairing vodka with food.

Monique says, “As the number one selling spirit in the world, I just want to really bring vodka’s abilities to the table. I want to share my passion with others in the industry that understand the value of a well-made drink!”