Housekeeping principles

42m 18s

12 Lessons

Think housekeeping is just about making beds? Think again! From dusting the lobby to fluffing up pillows, life in the housekeeping department is full of rewards and challenges. As a member of the housekeeping team, you are one of the many moving parts helping to deliver exceptional guest experiences from even before a guest arrives.

In this course, housekeeping expert Hannah Crowley-McClelland will teach you about the principles and the effective service involved when working a housekeeping position.


  • The different roles in the housekeeping department
  • The importance of personal hygiene
  • Common WHS risks faced in housekeeping
  • What and how to use housekeeping cleaning agents
  • What and how to use housekeeping equipment
  • What items to include on a housekeeping cart
  • Best practice rules for cleaning
  • Best practices for entering guest rooms

This course is perfect for budding housekeeping staff or someone wanting to improve their skills and knowledge as a housekeeper.