Draft beer operations

52m 50s

13 Lessons

Draft beer is any beer which is served from a cask or keg. With more than 196 million barrels of beer consumed each year, it’s no wonder this beverage is the third-most popular drink on earth after water and tea! Old school movies might show you cracking open a barrel with your mug of choice but with today’s technology, you can save your cup (and the beer) by using beer systems to help you store, maintain and pour pint after pint. So why not pour yourself a cold one and press play?

In this Draft beer operations course, CEO and Head Draft Specialist, Lev Katsouba, will help you learn the ins and outs of draft beer systems so you can pour the perfect pint every time.


  • Welcome - Draft beer operations
  • Introduction to Draft Beer
  • How draft systems work (an overview)
  • Handling and storing kegs
  • Setting up a cool room for draft beer
  • Changing and tapping kegs
  • Using gas systems
  • Pouring draft beer
  • The importance of cleaning and maintaining beer lines
  • Cleaning beer lines
  • Minimizing wastage and maximizing returns
  • Troubleshooting common problems with draft systems
  • Conclusion - Draft beer operations

This course is essential for anyone who is responsible for serving or interacting with draft beer.