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When you think of Guinness, it's likely that a fairly standard image comes to mind: a dark stout with a creamy head.

That's the classic Guinness draught, and one of the most popular beers in the world. But it's not the only beer that the brand makes and sells. During this lesson, Stephen Kilcullen will explain the ins and outs of the classic Guinness draught, and will also fill you in on three other types of beer made by the massive brand.

As the Head of Quality for the brand, Stephen will let you know how each beer is brewed, how it tastes, and how to describe it to customers. You will learn about what makes Guinness so distinct (apart from its colour!), and how it differs from other standard draught beers.

What you'll learn in The different Guinness beers lesson

  • Primary ingredients of Guinness draught
  • Other beers brewed by the Guinness brand
  • Terminology to describe and sell Guinness beers

Who the Guinness course is for

This is the ideal online course for those who want to brush up on their knowledge and learn a few unique tips.


Stephen Kilcullen

Stephen Kilcullen is the Global Head of Quality and a qualified Master Brewer, at Guinness – a world leading Irish beer brewery, produced by Diageo beverages.

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