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Ever wondered what kind of meal works best with a cold tall pint of Guinness?

During this lesson, Stephen enlists the help of beer sommelier and pairing expert Ian Colgan to provide an introduction into combining the perfect Guinness with the perfect meal. He explains that the goal behind any pairing is the 'Three C's': does the beer cut through, does it contrast, and does it compliment the food.

This lesson focuses on the classic Guinness draught beer, and looks at different cuisines and meals that will work well with the beer's strong flavour character. Ian explains famous historic food and Guinness pairings, and expands on them in contemporary culture.

Be surprised and excited by the unique example pairings, and gather new ideas for your venue and beer list.

What you'll learn in the Pairing Guinness and food lesson

  • How to pair Guinness with food
  • The golden rules for pairing

Who the Guinness course is for

This is the ideal online course for those who want to brush up on their knowledge and learn a few unique tips.


Stephen Kilcullen

Stephen Kilcullen is the Global Head of Quality and a qualified Master Brewer, at Guinness – a world leading Irish beer brewery, produced by Diageo beverages.

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