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If you have spent time as a bartender or server, you will know that pouring the perfect beer isn’t as easy as it might look. When it comes to mastering the perfect pour of Guinness, it’s even trickier.

In this lesson, Stephen Kilcullen hands over to Guinness beer sommelier Padraig Fox to explain the six step perfect pint method - that’s right, six steps! It may sound a little pedantic, but the steps will help you improve your knowledge of the beverage, and impress customers along the way.

From the perfect angle to hold the glass at, to slight hand movements to create the perfect head, and the vital two-part pour, Padraig doesn’t hold back in this lesson. If you are a bartender or server who wants to perfect their pour when it comes to Guinness, don’t slack off at this stage - it’s time to get your angles and timing right.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

The two-part pour

Six steps to the perfect pour of Guinness


Stephen Kilcullen

Stephen Kilcullen is the Global Head of Quality and a qualified Master Brewer, at Guinness – a world leading Irish beer brewery, produced by Diageo beverages.

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