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Hospitality is a fast-paced industry, and with so much going on it's often easier to focus on things that aren't working and forget about the things that are. Optimizing your business, however, is about finding things that work and figuring out if you can make them work even better - including long-standing contracts.

In today's lesson, Anthony LoGiusto explains why you should regularly reevaluate your contracts to make sure you're getting the most value you can.

What you'll learn in the Proactively managing your contracts lesson

  • How to identify and analyze contracts that offer financial benefit to your business
  • Effective contract management
  • Why an optimal contract isn't necessarily the cheapest price!

Who the Optimizing your hospitality business course is for

This online course is aimed at hospitality business owners and managers who are looking for best-practice solutions to optimize operations and maximize revenue.


Anthony LoGiusto
Anthony LoGiusto is an experienced hotel General Manager and Hospitality Business Consultant who works closely with hotel owners to unlock asset potential.
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