Introduction to leadership

37m 7s

10 Lessons


Whether you are a housekeeper, waiter, barista or business owner, what defines a leader is your skills and your character. As a leader, your role is to inspire and motivate others. In order to do so, understanding what leadership is as well as knowing the main leadership techniques is essential.

In this course, Alicia Brown, founder of Guide to Thrive, takes you through all the leadership essentials you need to know to set goals for your future self. From the definition of being a leader to understanding how you can grow into a leader who inspires, you’ll become a leadership pro in no time.


  • What it takes to lead a team
  • The role of a leader
  • How to transition into a leadership role
  • The different leadership styles
  • How to define your leadership goals

This course is ideal for all-rounders who want to step up and lead a team as well as managers looking to refresh their leadership fundamentals.