Improving hospitality business operations

41m 12s

9 Lessons

If you find yourself constantly frustrated by the same issues in your hospitality business, it’s probably because you don’t have a good system in place for those problematic areas.

By putting systems in place, you create expectations and standards that need to be met by your staff. But you also create consistency and predictability in how things are done in your business, which gives you the confidence to plan ahead.

Eden Sunshine is a business strategist and creator of The Level 7 System, a development philosophy and process designed to optimize business performance.

Through his experience as an entrepreneur he has developed system formulas for running effective businesses, and now helps other entrepreneurs succeed. In this course, he helps you get started on systemizing your hospitality business – so that you can look confidently to the future.


  • Why you should systemize your business
  • What a systems-driven business looks like
  • How to create your systems list
  • How to create your systems template
  • How to document your business systems
  • Getting your team involved in systems
  • Making your team accountable to systems
  • How to improve your business systems
  • How to manage your business systems

Hospitality business owners, skill up with tips from the pros and take your business to the next level!