How to Make a Cappuccino

Instructor: Sasa Sestic Duration: 5:33 mins Type: Short Course Category: Food and Beverage

“The difference between making a flat white and a cappuccino is pretty much about the texture.”

Cappuccino is a classic Italian coffee with a thick layer of foam at the top of the cup. In this course, Sasa Sestic shows you how to make a classic cappuccino the way they’re made at barista competitions.

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Sasa Sestic

World Barista Champion of 2015 Sasa Sestic won the World Barista Championship in 2015 after winning the Australian Barista Champion title. He owns his own roasting house ONA, which houses three cafes in Canberra and won two awards in the World Coffee Roasting Championship. In his Typsy courses, Sasa takes you on a journey to become a pro barista.

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