Sustainability management

Issued by: EarthCheck


The world's resources are finite, and over-consuming today means taking away the opportunity for others to meet their needs tomorrow. 

Sustainable management means nurturing the management of resources throughout your business with future generations in mind. 

Throughout this EarthCheck online course, we'll share tools and knowledge to help you integrate sustainability management into your business vision. You'll discover strategies for more sustainable goals, policies, risk management, and operational systems. 

What you'll learn in the Sustainability management course

  • What sustainability means 
  • Key principles of sustainable tourism management
  • How to prepare a policy for sustainability
  • Strategies for measuring and benchmarking your sustainability 
  • Risk management techniques
  • Setting an action plan for sustainable change 
  • Management systems for sustainability 
  • Sustainable communication
  • Sustaining success 
  • Getting recognized and certified for sustainable policies

And much more!

Who the Sustainability management course is for

This course is aimed at aspiring and established managerial staff in travel and tourism industries.

Duration: 1h 2m 7s

Lessons: 11


By watching all the lessons and receiving a pass mark of 85% or more on the quiz, the earner of this credential will show an understanding of sustainable tourism management including how to prepare a policy for sustainability, strategies for measuring and benchmarking your sustainability, and risk management.

Expiration: Never