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Disasters may not be common but they do happen. From wildfires, storms, and floods to the derailing of transport, war, and global lockdowns, disasters can leave a lasting impact on communities across the globe. That's why disaster resilience is crucial.

In this online lesson by EarthCheck and Queensland Tourism Industry Council, you'll learn about two types of disasters, the importance of disaster management, disaster resilience, and the recovery success factors.

What you'll learn in this lesson, The importance of disaster resilience

  • How to recognize the inevitability of disasters and their potential impact on trust, operations, and business continuity
  • How to differentiate between natural and man-made disasters
  • The impact of disasters on businesses, and the importance of proactive disaster management
  • The four key elements of disaster resilience-commitment, planning, integration, and testing

Who the 'Disaster resilience' course is for

This course is aimed at aspiring and established managerial staff in the travel and tourism industries.

Funded by the Queensland Government.