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Knowing the risks for your business is the first step to being ready for problems and preventing them. Risks can be about safety, money, and what others think. By understanding this, you can figure out what problems might happen and how to reduce or stop them.

In this online lesson, Preventing and mitigating disasters, EarthCheck will walk you through how to create your own risk management plan. You'll also review what risk means and why it matters.

What you'll learn in this online lesson, Preventing and mitigating disasters

  • What risk means
  • How risk affects making decisions, planning, and stopping problems before they happen
  • How to evaluate potential risks based on their likelihood and consequences to determine risk levels and prioritize action
  • How to apply risk reduction strategies by either reducing, transferring, or avoiding identified risks using the risk assessment tool

Who the 'Disaster resilience' course is for

This course is aimed at aspiring and established managerial staff in the travel and tourism industries.

Funded by the Queensland Government.