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It’s no secret that Germany loves its beer. Beer plays an important role in German culture and with 1400 breweries producing 95.8 million hectolitres of beer annually, beer also plays an important role in the German economy. Not to mention that German beers are also enjoyed worldwide.

Germany is the home of Oktoberfest, an annual celebration which has been running for 184 years. Each year, Oktoberfest brings over eight million people to Germany, where they consume up to seven million liters of beer – all of which has been brewed according to the rules of Reinheitsgebot.

In this lesson for bartenders and servers, Riegele’s head brewer, Sebastian Priller, sheds some light on the modern German beer industry.

What you'll learn in The German beer industry lesson

  • German beer industry statistics
  • The changing nature of the German beer industry
  • Beer styles enjoyed by German consumer

Who the German beers course is for

Servers and bartenders, it’s time to up your German beer knowledge and take your customer service to the next level.


Sebastian Priller

Sebastian Priller is the 28th generation head brewer at Riegele, a family-owned German brewery which was established in 1386!

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