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As a server or bartender, it’s important to know the ABV of the beers you’re working with – not just for making recommendations to customers, but for monitoring the drunkenness levels of your patrons too!

The alcohol content of beer differs across styles. On average, beer ABV sits between 4 and 6% but can go as low as 0 or as high as 67% for the strongest beer in the world – Brewmeister’s Snake Venom.

Delve deeper into the beer brewing process with the head brewer at Riegele, Sebastian Priller, as he explains how the alcohol content of beer is determined. Sebastian also shares the industry standard ABV for German beers and explains how alcohol-free beer, a growing trend, is created.

What you'll learn in The alcohol content of German beer lesson

  • The alcohol content of German beers
  • What factors influence the alcohol content of beer
  • How alcohol-free beer is produced

Who the German beers course is for

Servers and bartenders, it’s time to up your German beer knowledge and take your customer service to the next level.


Sebastian Priller

Sebastian Priller is the 28th generation head brewer at Riegele, a family-owned German brewery which was established in 1386!

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