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Stress and burnout are pretty common in service industries, so if you've felt like this, you're certainly not alone. But as you know, stress can take a big toll on your health (not to mention your ability to achieve your potential at work!). That's why self-care is such a key factor for becoming a star employee.

In this online lesson about self-care for consistent work quality, Dan Cockerell will walk you through how to nurture and take care of yourself.

What you'll learn in the Self-care for consistent work quality lesson

  • What nurturing yourself involves
  • Why nurturing yourself matters for a star employee
  • How to start taking care of yourself

Who the Becoming a star employee course is for

The Becoming a star employee online course is aimed at any staff member wanting to enhance their performance at work, achieve goals, and reach their potential.


Dan Cockerell

Dan Cockerell is an acclaimed business culture consultant and former Vice President of Disney's Magic Kingdom.

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