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Rob Wilson is the CEO of Toast Ale. He has been advising Toast Ale since its creation in 2015 by Tristram Stuart, an expert on the environmental and social impacts of food production.

Inspired by the Brussels Beer Project, Tristram founded Toast Ale to combat food waste by brewing beer from surplus bread, just as our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Toast Ale creates award-winning, world-class craft beer while feeding all its profits into Feedback, a charity founded by Tristram to combat food waste worldwide.

Every bottle of Toast Ale contains a slice of bread, making a real dent in the avoidable bread waste problem in the UK. Food waste has a massive environmental impact, which is why every step towards its reduction is important. And when a solution comes in the form of beer, who could resist!

In this mentor session, Rob shares how Toast Ale found a pint-sized solution to food waste prevention.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • Innovative ways to reduce food waste
  • Why the food industry needs to be involved in stopping food waste
  • How a commercial venture can have positive social and environmental effects

Go behind the scenes at Toast Ale and find the inspiration you need to fight food waste in your business!


Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is the CEO of Toast Ale, an award-winning craft beer company dedicated to reducing food waste.

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